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Registered Office:  16 Bellfield Lane, Edinburgh, EH15 2BL

Scottish Charity No. 042138

Portobello Heritage Trust


Portobello was Scotland’s most popular seaside resort. However, it was established as a manufacturing centre at the end of the 18th century and became a fashionable watering place and then a favourite holiday destination of the working-classes during the 19th century.  Industry and leisure existed side by side until the mid-twentieth century. It might have been an incongruous mix but it has produced a unique heritage.

The trust has the following aims:

To record, promote and encourage the conservation, protection and enhancement of the historical, architectural and landscape heritage within Portobello and its environs. 

To advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Portobello’s cultural and industrial heritage within the community and beyond.

These are wide ranging aims including, as they do, all of Portobello’s cultural, historical, architectural and landscape heritage.

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